Discover an array of rejuvenating services at Maple + Magnolia Aesthetics Co., located in both Midlothian and Ashland, Virginia. From advanced skin treatments to transformative injectables, our medspa offers a range of options tailored to elevate your beauty and confidence.

A man getting botox for the smile lines

Anti-aging Treatments

We offer a diverse range of injectable treatments designed to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

a woman in a white short and top measures her waist

Weight Loss

Transform your weight loss journey with effective injections. Reach your goals hassle-free at our Ashland & Midlothian locations.

An African-American woman is comfortable during her RF microneedling session

RF Microneedling

Discover non-surgical skin tightening! Pixel8-RF microneedling enhances collagen for youthful skin.

a young man shows his shaved torso and armpit

Laser Hair Removal

Get smooth skin with Diode laser hair removal! Effective on all skin types, and can be done on any area of the body.

a young woman with acne on her face sees a pimple in the mirror

IPL Acne Treatment

Banish acne effectively with IPL treatments! Reduce inflammation and bacteria for clearer skin.

a woman is happy and confortable during her co2 laser resurfacing appointment

CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Phoenix CO2 Laser: Transform skin with one treatment! Minimize wrinkles & rejuvenate complexion.

	an aesthetician is performing a facial rejuvenation treatment on a young woman

Erbium Facial Polishing 

Revitalize your skin with Erbium Facial Polishing! Say goodbye to fine lines & pigmentation.

a man with spider veins on his cheecks

Spider Veins & Angiomas

Say goodbye to facial spider veins & red moles quickly! Fast laser treatment for clear, smooth skin.

an aesthetician draws the figure of a woman's eyebrow

Lash & Brow Services

Extensions, lash lifts & tints and brow laminations give you an effortlessly polished look. Say hello to low-maintenance mornings!

a man with spider veins on his cheecks


We offer brazilians for both men and women, bikini waxes, modified bikini waxes, facial waxing, as well as arms, legs, chest, back

a man with spider veins on his cheecks

Facial services

HydroRevive Facial, Mini Spa Facial, Deluxe Spa Facial, LED Light Stim Therapy, Glow n Go resurfacing peel, and the perfect 10 chemical peel.

a man with spider veins on his cheecks

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our hormone replacement therapy specializes in pellet therapy for both men and women.

a man with spider veins on his cheecks

IV Therapy

These injections give your body a quick boost of the good stuff! We offer a variety of different vitamin blends to fit your needs.